North Spade Ranch is 53,916 acres on three ranches; Turkey Creek, Turtle Hole and Bridle Bit, which Spades began leasing in 1999. The ranches are located in Motley and Hall counties in the Rolling Plains close to Turkey, Texas. Half the cattle are Simm/Angus cows bred to Balancer bulls while the other half of the cattle are Balancer cows bred to Simm/Angus bulls. This allows the ranches to trade replacement heifers with one-another in order to maintain that cross and breed composition. North Spade is managed by Andy Falcon.  Stuart Urich runs the Turtle Hole camp.

Andy Falcon grew up near Sweetwater, TX and has worked on many outfits spanning from Arizona down to New Mexico and Texas. He has been with Spade Ranch since 2004. He ran Turtle Hole camp for many years before moving to Turkey Creek as the North Spade Ranch Manager in 2014. Andy is married to Debbie and has four sons, Dakota, Wichita, Utah and Prescott Falcon.